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June 21, 2016



Rambagh Golf Club,



NOTICE is hereby given that the Election of the Managing Committee will be held on 16th July, 2016 from 5.30 PM to 10 PM. In this regard we are forwarding herewith the procedure for holding of elections to the Management Committee for the year-2016-2018.

Members are requested to bring Club Membership Card or any other valid Photo ID with them for casting the Vote.



          Election Officer

Encl:  Election procedure.




1.         The Managing Committee shall appoint a Returning Officer to hold and conduct the elections of the office bearers and members of the Managing Committee. No person, who proposes to contest for any post at the ensuing election, shall be appointed to act as the Returning officer.

2.         Any person desirous of taking the copy of the electoral list would have to pay such charges as may be fixed by the Management Committee for this purpose. Any person whose name may not have been included may submit a representation to the Returning Officer, 10 days prior to the date of election. And if the Returning Officer feels that the name of such person has erroneously been omitted, he may include the name of such person in the electoral roll. No representation shall be considered after the date as aforesaid. The final electoral roll will be put up 7 days prior to the elections in the Club Office.

3.         The Returning Officer shall fix a date for filing of nominations and their withdrawal in accordance with the time prescribed for such purpose under these rules. Nomination papers duly signed by the candidate and proposed and seconded by two Permanent, Life or Institutional Members of the Club who are eligible to vote shall be filed in the office during regular office hours, at least 10 days before the date of election. The Returning Officer shall thereafter fix a date and time for scrutiny of nomination forms and shall issue a final list showing the names of the contestants. The list of such contestants shall be put on the Notice Board eight days before the date of election.

4.         Any person desiring to withdraw from the contest may submit his withdrawal in writing 5 days before the date of election, during office hours. After the last date of withdrawal is over, the Returning officer shall notify 4 days prior to the election date the final list of contestants.

5.         The Returning Officer shall be authorized to appoint any person who is neither a candidate nor an agents of candidates, to assist him entire process of election.

6.         Before the poll commences, the Returning Officer shall show the ballot box to such of the candidates or their agents who are present and shall thereafter lock and seal the same. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Ballot papers for the poll shall be provided by the Managing Committee and shall be distributed by the Returning Officer and the voter shall cast his vote by placing a mark against the name of the contestant of his choice. The Returning Officer shall notify before the polling takes place the time upto which the votes may be cast and shall close the polling station at the appointed hour of closure. The Returning Officer shall seal the box thereafter in presence of such candidates or their agents who may be present.

7.         The counting of votes will take place either on the same day or on the next day as may be declared by the Returning Officer considering the exigencies of the situation. After the counting of votes, the Returning Officer shall declare the result and put his signatures on the result sheet.

8.         All the records of the election shall be sealed and signed by the Returning officer and would be kept by him in his custody for a period of 15 days after which it may be destroyed.

9.         Important: Members should please bring their identity card or any other proof of identity for casting vote at the elections.